What is #ThePAC?

The PANALITIX Annual Conference (#ThePAC) is the premier annual event hosted by PANALITIX for its community and the Accounting industry at large. #ThePAC is where Accountants from across the globe converge to learn how to build great businesses from industry influencers, thought leaders, technology and solution providers as well as outstanding Accounting firms. Its aim is to create an engaging, highly motivational and entertaining learning environment where all who attend take away business and life-changing experiences.

History of #ThePAC

In 2008, the first #ThePAC was hosted in Australia. Since then, #ThePAC has been empowering and making a difference in the lives of not only Accountants but business professionals around the world. In 2017, #ThePAC, held in Australia, hosted world class speakers and roughly 500 attendees to discuss industry hot topics.

USA Member Ed Lloyd, CPA, from Ed Lloyd & Associates PLLC in North Carolina, said, “The PAC 2017 in Australia was an awesome experience for me. This isn’t continuing education that bores you to tears. It’s a true event with amazing speakers and interaction with accountants from all over the world. Every speaker had unique knowledge that has had a positive impact on my business as well as me personally. I learned specific methods including: how to make my business a better place to work; how to wow a new team member from day one; energy management and control of your mind; how to develop a 50-year plan; success strategies from a gold medalist; how to develop a corporate model for your CPA business; how to play a bigger game if that’s your goal; authentic leadership and how to use it to transform your business; ideas from several of the top CPA businesses on their success and what they did to get there; and ideas from the leaders in the business advisory for CPAs around the world.

The event had a significant impact on my business. The speakers combined with the connections I made with other CPAs, had a profound change on my business in 2017 and forward. If you are interested in growing your business or learning more than compliance work I would highly consider attending PAC 2018.”

Over the years, #ThePAC has established itself as a leading inspirational and educational conference for Accountants and business professionals. For our 11th year, #ThePAC is looking to make an even bigger difference in the lives of our attendees, their businesses and their education.