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Open to current and past members of Panalitix, awards are given to outstanding Accounting firms who meet or even exceed all the criteria for each category. Each nomination goes through a rigorous judging process so the awards go to the most deserving.

Best in Attracting

This award recognizes an accounting business that has significantly grown its customer base over the last year.

Submission Criteria

  • Describe the projects completed in this business area
  • Provide the number of new clients gained based on the projects and campaigns implemented
  • Describe the revenue from new business

Best in Managing

This category is open to accounting firms who have retained their customer base with high levels of return and increased business from existing customers.

Submission Criteria

  • Describe the projects completed in this business area and state the metrics used to measure success. These might include client retention rates, referrals gained from existing clients and additional revenue secured from sales opportunities from the existing business.

Best in Product and Service

This award is aimed at businesses that have excelled in developing new products and service offerings that demonstrate a good understanding of their clients’ needs.

Submission Criteria

  • Describe the projects completed in this business area that demonstrated the firm’s ability to launch a new product or service created to address the needs of their clients
  • Must have successfully implemented value based pricing
  • Discuss the firm’s product and service portfolio and the expertise in house to successfully deliver those products.

Best in Team

This category aims to reward those who strive to create an amiable work environment for their team, while consequently providing continuous team development and engagement, resulting in business success and growth.

Submission Criteria

  • Describe the projects implemented in this business area, addressing how roles and responsibilities are defined and attached to individual key metrics that align with the firm’s goals
  • Discuss the level of team understanding of the firm’s goals and commitment to the firm’s mission. Tell us about the fun culture of the office and team building activities. Testimonials from team members are recommended for this submission.

Best in Optimizing Business

This award recognizes an accounting business that has successfully implemented a business process and achieved measurable results.

Submission Criteria

  • In the event that you have appointed a Client Service Coordinator, explain the process that you implemented and the impact this has had on your workflow management.

Most Innovative

The award aims to recognize businesses that can demonstrate how innovative ideas, systems and strategies have contributed to an overall improvement in client service and have had a positive impact on the business.

Submission Criteria

  • Explain to us why your firm is innovative by providing specific examples of how you have revolutionized your systems, products, services or anything else.

Best in Service

The Service Excellence Award is geared towards a firm that has embraced best practices in people, process, and technology to demonstrate going “above and beyond” customer expectations.

Submission Criteria

  • Entrants will be asked to highlight client service policies and standards along with any specific examples of when your business has gone above and beyond for a client.
  • You may provide client testimonials as supporting documents and these will only enhance nominations.

Best Client

This award recognizes an accounting business that has achieved outstanding results for clients.

Submission Criteria

  • Please submit at least one case study showing the client’s position or challenges and how your involvement has changed their business or personal life for the better. Client testimonials will only enhance your nomination.

Best in Community

In this category, the judges will be looking for specific examples of the firm’s contribution of time and or profits to their local or wider community. This can include your team, their families, your clients, your broader community and philanthropic work which may or may not be outside of your local community.

Submission Criteria

  • Provide a specific example of a contribution or recurring contribution to your local or wider community. A third party testimonial from a not for profit or community organization will only enhance your nomination.

Rising Star Accounting

This award recognizes an accounting business that shows results in the following areas:

  • Implementation of business improvement strategies
  • Improvement of services and service standards to their clients
  • Exceeding business targets and goals through commitment and dedication

Submission Criteria

  • The Rising Star award exists to encourage and reward exceptional accomplishments and performance during the year. Be prepared to demonstrate how you have taken major steps in implementation and improvement of the projects focused on improving your business. This award recognizes an up-and-coming firm which is clearly on an ascending path to becoming a leading Accounting business in their community.

Best in Business

This award recognizes the business that has embraced business advisory as a significant product in its portfolio and applied methodologies to achieve great outcomes for their clients and their firm.

Submission Criteria

  • Provide examples of the way in which you have configured your advisory services so that they differentiate your firm and create significant value for clients.

Accounting Business
of the Year

This award recognises a business for their outstanding successes and excellence in all key areas of business operation in 2018. This business has made an impact through a variety of quantifiable measures in their market and experienced successive quarters of financial growth. They are recognized for their entrepreneurial spirit, creative business strategies and contribution to their peers within the Accounting industry.

Submission Criteria

  • Provide examples of your high performance / excellence during the year. The winner of this award will have demonstrated significant improvement in key metrics and results achieved during 2018 and will have a strong track record of implementing projects. There must be clear metrics showing the improved status of the firm. The Accounting Business of the Year is seen as a leader in the PANALITIX Community.

Why Enter

The benefits of entering inthe awards reach further than the win on the night.

  • Be a part of one of the most renowned awards program dedicated to acknowledging achievements in the accounting profession
  • Improve your reputation in the industry and impress your clients and stakeholders.
  • Acknowledge your team’s efforts and make your firm more attractive as an employer

Here’s how you enter:

  1. Decide which award categories you will enter a submission. You can submit nominations for more than one category.
  2. Send your submission to Please submit your nomination as a Microsoft Word file with the following details:
    • Name of firm
    • Contact person for criteria submission
    • Email address
    • Short overview of your firm
    • Category title
    • Reason for nomination in category selected


Each submission will be marked against other accounting firms competing in the category. A panel of three judges will independently select the top three submissions in each category. A ranking of 1 will be awarded 3 points, a ranking of 2 will receive 2 points, and a ranking of three places receives 1 point. The scores from the three judges will be collated and the firm with the highest amount of points in that category will be awarded the winner. In the event of scores being equal the judging panel will discuss and agree on a winner. The judges reserve the right not to award a winner in a category if they are not satisfied that the nominations are of a high enough standard.

Winners will be announced at the PANALITIX Annual Conference 2018 during the gala dinner on 27th November 2018. If for some reason you are unable to attend the function, and are a winner you will be notified by telephone no later than
November 30th 2018.


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